Throwing an 80s Party

Your guide to throwing a totally awesome retro 80s themed party

80s Party Music

80s Music

You will want the 80s music flowing all night long during your 80s party, so load up on the top hits from the 80s. Its best to keep it up beat.. While you might have been a big fan of Air Supply, that is not really the kind of rockin music that will get a party going. That does not mean just playing dance music from the likes of Rick Astley, Madonna, or Expose. In the 80s, we loved to dance to rock music, so make sure and play plenty of Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, A-Ha, Prince, etc.. Check out our 80s Music Video Channels on this web site for music ideas or you could just stream the 80s Music Video Station.

You could also get one of the compilation albums shown here for a great mixture of 80s party music.

Another great way to make sure the 80s music never stops is to create your own Music Video Station on PlayVJ.Com. You can load it up with all of your favorite 80s Music Videos and then let people vote for the next song to play with their phones!

80s Movies & TV

You also want to have some classic 80s movies playing in the background. Universal has an '80s Comedies Spotlight Collection that has three 80s classics in it. Bratt pack films Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club are included. It also has one of the most funny movies of the 1980s.. Fast Times at Ridgemont High!

You could recreate the MTV Headbanger's Ball tv show by showing our 80s Metal Music Video Station.

Star Wars

Decorating for an 80s Party
80s Party Buttons

80s Props and 80s Party Favors

You will want to make people feel like they are in the 80s at your party, so you will need party decorations and props from the 80s scattered around the room. The most obvious things to get are Rubik's Cubes.Nothing brings back thoughts of the 80s like that multi colored cube does. These can also be used for games and contests. Other good party favors would be candy popular from the 80s (Pixy Stix, Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, etc..). You can find these at the Old Time Candy Company. Or you could always go with the World's Largest Gummy Bear. Another good party favor are 80s Buttons for people to wear at the party.

More Fun 80s Party Favors:

80s Streamers

Giant 80s Backdrop!

80s Decorations

You will also want to decorate the room(s) your 80s party will take place in. You can find 80s party decorations at your local party store or online at a place like Prime Party. Your party decorations should contain popular colors from the 80s ( teal/turquoise, red/pink, yellow, lavender, etc.. ).

Also you can use these awesome Vinyl Record Bowls for snacks which will be sure to remind people of the 80s! Or get these Vintage Vinyl LP Record Coasters for your guests to put their drinks on!

These Light Up Pint Glasses are great for 80s Party Drinks

Photo Booth props are always fun

80s Posters

Make sure and put up plenty of 80s Posters. You can find 80s Movie Posters and more at Amazon.

Zazzle has a lot of 80s Wall Decorations you can put up

80s Standups

One fun item to have at an 80s Party is an 80s Standee, like the one shown here, where guests can put there heads through the cardboard cutouts and get their picture taken.

Other 80s Party must haves are cardboard cutout stand ups of your favorite 80s characters. Some available include Darth Vader, Ronald Reagan , Freddy Krueger , Jason Voorhees, and Mr T!

80s Party Packs

Amazon has an 80s Party Pack that contains plates, cups, decorations and more.

80s Invitations

For help getting people to your party, check out these 80s Party Invitations at Zazzle.

80s Costumes

Shop 80s Costumes

Dressing up for an 80s Party

Wearing 80s costumes is one of the most fun parts of hosting an 80s party. You will want to make sure and tell people that dressing up in 80s related garb is required for entrance! You should send 80s costume ideas out for people with the invitation, as some might not know what they should be looking for.

The most obvious 80s costumes usually involve leg warmers or tights, big hair w/ribbons, baggy sweatshirts, and bright colored mini skirts for the girls, while the guys usually have some kind of long hair/mullets, mesh shirts, and leather pants or acid wash jeans.

Click here to watch a great how-to video for creating quick last minute 80's Costumes for women.

Below are some other great ideas for 80s costumes..

Ghostbusters Halloween Costume
From: Amazon

Karate Kid Cobra Kai Outfit
From: Amazon

Ladies Pink Ranger
Costume Shirt
From: Amazon

Prince and other great 80s Costumes


Michael Myers Mask
From: Amazon

80s Pop Diva Costume
From: Amazon has an 1980's costumes section with all sorts of 80s costumes and accessories.

Things to do at an 80s Party

80s Themed Games

You will want to give the guests of your 80s party something to do when they aren't dancing to the great 80s tunes. You could spice up your party with some 80s name that tune contests, where you play a snip it of an 80s song and ask your guests to guess the song title. You could use your Ruibiks Cubes from above to have some puzzle solving contests. You could also have some of the below 80s games available for your guests to play:

eBay 80s Party Supplies