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Welcome to the 1980s!

At TheGreat80s, we bring back the memories of the greatest decade ever.. the 80s!

80s Music Video Stations

Watch 80s Music Videos live with fellow 80s fans. Chat about your favorite 80s Songs

80s Radio Station

80s Radio
The Great 80s Radio Station

80s Music Videos

80s Video Channels
Music of the 1980s

Remember when MTV actually played videos?

No matter what 80s music you like we have a channel for you! 80s rock music, 80s dance music, 80s R&B music... Pick a channel, sit back, and enjoy your favorite 80s music videos!

80s Party Ideas

Songs from 80s Movies

80s Movie Soundtracks

Try our
80s Movie Soundtrack Music Video Player
for the awesome music from 80s Movies!

80s MTV VJ Martha Quinn

80s MTV VJ Alan Hunter

80s Top 20 Charts

80s Top 20 Charts

Check out the top songs for each year of the 1980s along with their videos.

Watch 80s Metal Music Videos


Watch the 80s Metal Music Videos you used to see on Headbanger's Ball in the 80s. Bon Jovi, Poison, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Dokken, and many more...

Featured 80s Musicians

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