80s Movie Boxoffice Ranking

Top 100 Movies by Year

The Top 100 Movies for each Year of the 1980s
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Top Movies for 1980

1The Empire Strikes Back 21-May$209,398,025
2Nine to Five 19-Dec$103,290,500
3Stir Crazy 12-Dec$101,300,000
4Airplane! 27-Jun$83,453,539
5Any Which Way You Can 17-Dec$70,687,344
6Private Benjamin 10-Oct$69,847,348
7Coal Miner's Daughter 7-Mar$67,182,787
8Smokey and the Bandit II 15-Aug$66,132,626
9The Blue Lagoon 20-Jun$58,853,106
10The Blues Brothers 20-Jun$57,229,890
11Ordinary People 19-Sep$54,766,923
12Popeye 12-Dec$49,823,037
13Urban Cowboy 6-Jun$46,918,287
14The Shining 23-May$44,017,374
15Seems Like Old Times 19-Dec$43,995,918
16Cheech & Chong's Next Movie 18-Jul$41,675,194
17Caddyshack 25-Jul$39,846,344
18Friday the 13th 9-May$39,754,601
19Brubaker 20-Jun$37,121,708
20Little Darlings 21-Mar$34,326,249
21Dressed to Kill 23-Jun$31,899,000
22The Jazz Singer 19-Dec$27,118,000
23Flash Gordon 5-Dec$27,107,960
24Lady and the Tramp 7-Mar$26,114,207
25The Elephant Man 3-Oct$26,010,864
26Bronco Billy 11-Jun$24,265,659
27Raging Bull 14-Nov$23,334,953
28Xanadu 8-Aug$22,762,571
29American Gigolo 1-Feb$22,743,674
30My Bodyguard 11-Jul$22,482,952
31The Fog 1-Feb$21,378,361
32Fame 16-May$21,202,829
33Tess 12-Dec$20,093,330
34Altered States 25-Dec$19,853,892
35Song of the South 8-Oct$19,800,000
36Cruising 15-Feb$19,784,223
37The Octagon 14-Aug$18,971,000
38The Aristocats 19-Dec$18,000,000
39Honeysuckle Rose 18-Jul$17,815,212
40Herbie Goes Bananas 25-Jun$17,000,000
41Rough Cut 20-Jun$16,656,125
42The Final Countdown 1-Aug$16,647,800
43The Hunter 1-Aug$16,274,150
44Hero at Large 8-Feb$15,934,737
45The Long Riders 16-May$15,795,189
46The Island 13-Jun$15,716,828
47Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Special Edition) 14-Nov$15,693,175
48First Family 25-Dec$15,198,912
49Prom Night 15-Aug$14,796,236
50The Nude Bomb 9-May$14,662,035
51Oh, God! Book II 3-Oct$14,504,277
52The Competition 3-Dec$14,287,755
53Wholly Moses 13-Jun$14,155,617
54Mary Poppins 23-May$14,000,000
55Last Married Couple in America 8-Feb$12,835,544
56Used Cars 18-Jul$11,715,321
57The Last Flight of Noah's Ark 27-Jul$11,000,000
58The Mirror Crack'd 19-Dec$11,000,000
59The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu 8-Aug$10,697,276
60Stardust Memories 26-Sep$10,389,003
61The Hollywood Knights 16-May$10,000,000
62Serial 28-Mar$9,870,727
63Somewhere in Time 3-Oct$9,709,597
64Tribute 14-Dec$9,000,000
65Saturn 3 15-Feb$9,000,000
66The Formula 19-Dec$8,894,289
67Mad Max 21-Mar$8,750,000
68The Big Brawl 29-Aug$8,527,743
69The Awakening 31-Oct$8,415,112
70Fatso 1-Feb$7,653,061
71How to Become a Detective 1-Jun$7,500,000
72How to Beat the High Cost of Living 1-Jan$7,500,000
73Foxes 29-Feb$7,470,348
74The Big Red One 18-Jul$7,206,220
75The Stunt Man 27-Jun$7,063,886
76Where the Buffalo Roam 25-Apr$6,659,377
77The Gong Show Movie 23-May$6,621,520
78Motel Hell 24-Oct$6,342,668
79Little Miss Marker 21-Mar$6,321,392
80Oh, Heavenly Dog! 11-Jul$6,216,067
81Divine Madness 26-Sep$5,318,098
82In God We Trust 26-Sep$5,215,015
83He Knows You're Alone 29-Aug$4,875,436
84Coast to Coast 3-Oct$4,495,445
85Willie & Phil -$4,400,000
86Melvin and Howard 24-Oct$4,309,490
87Roadie 13-Jun$4,226,370
88Gloria 1-Oct$4,059,673
89Jaws 2 (1980 re-issue) 15-Feb$4,028,735
90Kagemusha 10-Oct$4,000,000
91Resurrection 26-Sep$3,910,019
92Hide in Plain Sight 21-Mar$3,806,930
93Guyana: Cult of the Damned 25-Jan$3,798,102
94When Time Ran Out 28-Mar$3,763,988
95Heaven's Gate 19-Nov$3,484,331
96Ffolkes 18-Apr$2,993,772
97Midnight Madness 8-Feb$2,900,000
98Loving Couples 24-Oct$2,806,659
99The Idolmaker 14-Nov$2,625,716
100The Black Marble 1-Jan$2,500,000