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Remembering the 80s

The 80s were a great decade to grow up in. Anyone who lived through the 80s probably has their own favorite pop culture memories. You would have lived through the Cola Wars between Pepsi and Coke, which at one point prompted Coke to famously change their formula and come out with New Coke.

If you had to have the latest in electronics in the 80s, than you probably had a Betamax to watch the Star Wars sequels on. If you were going to have a alcoholic beverage with your movie than it would probably have been a wine cooler, which were huge in the 80s. For Lunch you might have "kept your cool side cool, and your hot side hot" with McDonald's McDLT. To get there you might have driven your discount Yugo car that was manufactured in Yugoslavia.

Other Pop Culture Memories from the 80s:


Memories of the 80s with Michael Ian Black

You can share some of comedian Michael Ian Black's memories of the 80s with his VH1 Rants about the 80s clips.

Fun in the 80s

80s Toys and Games

80s Toys And 80s Games

If you were a kid in the 80s than you probably spent your leisure time at the arcade pumping quarters into the Pac-Man machine, or if you were lucky you were playing at home on your Atari 2600 Video Game System. You also probably had a Simon game at home, where you had to watch a series of blinking and beeping lights and then repeat the pattern. Boys in the 80s would play with their Star Wars Action Figures and trade their Garbage Pail Kids cards, while the girls had their Cabbage Patch Kids and My Little Pony dolls.

Other Popular 80s Toys included:

80s Fashion

80s Fashion

Clothes Worn in the 80s

If you were into fashion in the 80s, than you probably had a pair of acid wash jeans and a Members Only jacket. The ladies of the 80s would have shoulder pads tucked under their shirts or maybe a pair of leg warmers as an accessory. Madonna was a huge influence on the clothes worn in the 80s by the younger generation. Her style of wearing undergarments as regular clothes caught on big in the mid-80s.

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Comedy in the 80s

80s Stand Up Comedy

80s Stand Up Comedy

Stand up comedy had a surge in popularity in the 80s. Comedy Clubs opened up all over the country in the 80s. Comedians like Jerry Seinfield, Eddie Murphy, Billy Crystal, Whoopi Goldberg, and Robin Williams were headlining shows in these clubs. Williams, Goldberg, and Crystal also headlined the "Comic Relief" specials on HBO in the 80s that raised millions of dollars for the homeless. For those that enjoyed a little more color in their comedy there was the R rated acts like Sam Kinison and Andrew "Dice" Clay. .