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Warrant is an American glam metal band from Hollywood, California that experienced success in the 1980s and early 1990s with two multi-platinum albums. The band first came into the national spotlight with their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich, and one of its singles, "Heaven," reached #2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Warrant was formed in Los Angeles by guitarist Erik Turner in July 1984. Turner was soon joined by bassist Jerry Dixon. Warrant had a different bassist named Chris Vincent for a few months before Dixon joined. Prior to his involvement with Warrant, Vincent played with a local band called SilverPants. The band's early members included vocalist Adam Shore, guitarist Josh Lewis, and drummer Max Asher. Vocalist Jani Lane (who replaced Shore) and drummer Steven "Sweet" Chamberlin (who replaced Asher) joined the band in September 1986, and guitarist Joey Allen (who replaced Lewis) completed the line-up in March 1987. Lane and Sweet were previously in the band Plain Jane, which had recorded several demos. The recruitment of Lane proved pivotal in the band's future, with the singer quickly assuming the role of Warrant's song writer.

After having gained some notoriety on the L.A. club scene, the band recorded a demo tape in September 1987 for Paisley Park Records, a record label owned by musician Prince. At this time, A&M records purchased an option to sign Warrant and invited the band to contribute a song for the soundtrack of the motion picture Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Both deals would prove unsuccessful, with the band's contribution "Game of War" being pulled from the soundtrack and A&M allowing its option to lapse.

In January 1988 Warrant signed a contract with Columbia Records, and in April they began recording their debut album Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich. It was a significant success, spawning 3 hits: the #2 power ballads "Heaven" and "Sometimes She Cries", and the rock anthem "Down Boys", which is now Warrant's alias. Image-wise, Warrant slotted right into the trend for big-haired, spandex-wearing hard rock bands, and their promo videos made much of their look.

Shortly following the release of the album, Warrant toured with Paul Stanley, Queensrÿche, Cinderella, Poison, Mötley Crüe and Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come members Rick Steier and James Kottak would later join Warrant.

The band's second record, Cherry Pie, was released in September 1990, and featured guest appearances by Poison's C. C. DeVille, Danger Danger's Bruno Ravel and Steve West, and Fiona. The album, which spawned the hits "Cherry Pie" (Featured in Guitar Hero II) , "Uncle Tom's Cabin" (the famous acoustic intro was performed by Eric Oswald - Jani's brother) and "I Saw Red", reached the Top Ten in the United States, and went on to sell 3 million copies. The record's title track received strong exposure on MTV and became the band's most successful single.

The release of "Cherry Pie" was followed by a tour with the band Poison, which ended in January 1991 after a conflict between the two bands over stage room.

The band's European tour with David Lee Roth was cut short after Lane fractured several ribs in a stage dive in Birmingham, England. Warrant soon continued touring, however, performing headlining shows in America on their 'Blood, Sweat And Beers' tour, supported by FireHouse and Trixter.

The 1990s were characterised by frequent changes to the band's line-up. In 1992, Warrant released Dog Eat Dog. The record achieved only moderate commercial success, but still sold over 500 000 copies. Ironically, while the record suffered poor sales performance in America, the band finally snared a European touring slot, playing a number of shows on the "Monsters Of Rock" festival, headlined by Iron Maiden.

Later that year, vocalist Lane temporarily left the band, which was then dropped by Columbia, following the arrival of grunge and the death of Warrant's long-time manager Tom Hulet. In 1994, Lane returned to the band and a short U.S. club tour commenced. In May 1994, guitarist Allen left Warrant and was followed by drummer Sweet in the following month. In November 1994, Rick Steier replaced Allen on guitar and James Kottak replaced Sweet on drums. Shortly thereafter, a new record deal was signed with Tom Lipsky of CMC Records in September 1994. A Japanese deal was signed with Pony Canyon Records at the same time. Ultraphobic, released in March 1995, and was not successful.


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